TWS i7 One Side Not Turning On – The most Common Problem

Bluetooth earbuds are great for portability and compact size, but when connectivity and audio issues arise, these tiny gadgets may become very problematic. The dreaded  TWS i7 one side not turning on  issue is possibly the most typical one of these TWS i7  earbud issues. It might be costly to acquire new earbuds, and we don’t want to waste an earbud who still works. On the other hand, it’s difficult to match the simplicity of purchasing a new pair of TWSi7 earphones , especially when compared to the hours wasted trying to salvage a hopeless situation. We’ll focus on helping user save cash by prolongs the length of existing earbuds in this article. After reading, if you’re still unable to fix either right or left wireless earbud, feel sure that it’s likely a good idea to purchase a new set. Yet mistakes always seem to be the norm of the day, which is why we explain that  why  TWS i7 one side not turning on  and  produces sound from one side.  This fact how you can wirelessly connect your earbuds to any Bluetooth-enabled gadget and skip using the older models that needed cords to connect is amazing and incredibly useful. Such technological advancements we are seeing appear to have no bounds, and what 15 – 20 years ago appeared like sci -fi is now a truth. Additionally, not just earbuds but also mp3 players, digital game controllers, etc. could be linked in this manner.

Why TWS i7 one side not turning on ?

Since their release as imitations of Apple headphones, these products have had synchronisation , battery capacity and TWS i7 one side not turning on  issue. Beyond this, they work as expected, despite the fact that they are simple in both their use and operation. The defect then manifests and can only be heard from one side(TWS i7 one side not turning on ?). This TWS i7 one side not turning on ? Problem typically happens when both headphones—the right side and the left side—are coupled. However, it’s also crucial that you are aware of this if it ever happens to you when you get phone calls. The reason for this is that you can only use one headset for this, which means you’ll rarely hear the call via both of them. On the other hand, if such fault happens while you use your mobile device to listen to music, it is likely that perhaps the devices really aren’t paired. Additionally, we must be aware that this error happens if you link the earphones separately; this is a process that must be carried out simultaneously. Next, we’ll do the pairing, and in order to do so, we’ll need you to switch off Bluetooth on the device you want to use the headset with. Ignore about this synchronisation if you have already linked it with your device. The next step is to simultaneously push and drop the power buttons on both earphones. it when the earbuds’ blue and red lights turn on. Pairing one audio aid with the other, either from left to right or vice versa, is the next action to take. Hold down the power button on both headphones once more until both of the gadgets’ red and blue lights begin to blink simultaneously. Now take any of the earbuds and repeatedly click the start button twice. When you do this, the other headset will be able to pair with the one you just clicked the start button on twice. The next action is to enable Bluetooth on your smartphone. The I7 TWS handset will be visible when you press on it. After a brief delay, users can start listening to thier songs. Only one of the earbuds will glow red and blue when they are properly attached. Thus, we have explained that  what to do when TWS i7 one side not turning on ?

Re-Connect TWS I7 Earphones to Eligible Gadget  Consider combining your TWS earphones once more with a different cell phone, touchscreen, pc, or even other device that is easily accessible. The phone that were previously partnering with may be at fault if you can receive the audio evenly on both earphones. If the problem yet continues, there may be more causes. Importantly, erase the associated gadget from the prior handset’s Bt settings and resume with fresh connection if the earphones are functioning properly with another device and not the one you are trying to pair them with. This is an another explanation of  what to do when TWS i7 one side not turning on ?

Battery monitoring and reboot

Among the factors that hinder the functioning of TWS earphones is frequently poor battery levels. Make sure the battery is fully charged to eliminate connection issues. One can also perform a reboot if you own a premium set of wireless headphones . By doing this, we can fix any audio problems with just one earphone and reset the gadget to its factory original settings. This is an another explanation of  what to do when TWS i7 one side not turning on ?


The newest craze in the wireless audio industry is TWS earphones. With the first-generation AirPods, where Ios completely altered the wireless connectivity business, the idea gained popularity. New TWS earphones are saturating the marketplace, and not just from Apple or other major players like multiple smartphone manufacturers.

The process of listening to songs has been made simpler by using TWS earbuds; in fact, it has been made better all around. It’s just as simple to plug-and-play and there are no more headaches with dangling cords. The Bluetooth wireless technology is crucial to the TWS earphones’ operation. It works by synchronising the earphones’ pairing with a suitable gadget (a smartphone, tablet, etc.).

The TWS earphones have a modern vibe, yet they still have a problem that has been around since the start. If you have ever bought a TWS earphone, users must have also come into the problem of the earphones not functioning at a certain point. Even if there had been no exterior harm or unintentional falls, this unpredictable problem could have arisen. If so, keep reading to the above tips which can solve the TWS i7 one side not turning on ? problem and save user form going to service center or buying any new earphones.

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