Dynamic vs condenser for streaming 

Dynamic Vs Condenser For Streaming

In the present world, media consumption is fairly significant. And making material about it is too. Why shouldn’t you, too? Nothing prevents you from creating material regarding the hobbies or passions you have.

How To Clean Maple Fretboard

How To Clean Maple Fretboard

The fingerboard, or fret-board on fretted instruments, is a crucial part of the majority of stringed instruments. It is a thin, lengthy strip of material, typically wood, bonded to the instrument’s neck’s front.

Bose Color Soundlink Is Not Charging

Bose Color Soundlink Is Not Charging

Does nothing happen when you plug in your Bose SoundLink Color to charge it ? Bose color soundlink not charging ? Many people over the internet have asked for the solution to bose

Best equalizer setup for Hip Hop

Best Equalizer Setup For Hip Hop

Do you know how to set the Equalizer? Or want to set your equalizer but do not have any idea about it? Don’t worry we got you. At first you need to know

Are V Shaped Guitars Comfortable? 

Are V Shaped Guitars Comfortable

V Guitars are really comfortable to play. You can play it in both ways by standing or sitting. If you know how to play v neck guitars and keep it. The technique is